Charity Fundraiser & Festive Market in the Blue Lounge

Hello, this is Hiroshi.

Today we had charity event of 'Charity Fundraiser & Festive Market in the Blue Lounge' at Tower Building in London Metropolitan University.

We showed the Turkish national flag that we made which was made from Origami at the back and we gave the colourful origami cranes to all the people who donated.

There were also some other stalls that were selling the accessories, candles etc.

Lots of people donated their money and all the profit we made today goes to British Red Cross and will be sent to Turkey and those who were affected by the earthquake.

It was good experience for Japan Society as well because lots of people got involved to make this event happened and working with other groups could bring more people to make it successful!

This was the last official event for Japan Society in 2011(there may have unofficial event though), but we are going to plan some event next year, so we will keep you updated and if you are interested in joining Japan Society, here is the society page for us!↓↓

Good Luck with the coursework and Enjoy Christmas and New Year!!



Making origami cranes for the Turkey Earthquake Appeal

Hello, this is Hiroshi

Last Friday, Japan Society organised charity session which is called 'Making origami cranes for the Turkey Earthquake Appeal'.

Making origami cranes for the Turkey Earthquake Appeal.

The aim of having this event is to make origami cranes to pray for Turkey and those who has suffered from the earthquake.

Because Japan also has suffered from the huge earthquake and tsunami in March 11th. Since the earthquake happened, people from all over the world supported Japan and Turkey is one of the countries supported Japan.

We strongly feel that it is the time to do something for them.

To be honest, we are not sure how many students would actually come to this event, but eventually, about 40 students turned up.

The students were not only from Japan, but also they are from all over the world, I actually felt that the world are backing Turkey to overcome such a difficult time.

At first, we explained what is actually going on in Turkey by showing pictures and video.
Then we also explained what is the origami about.

After finishing the presentation, we started making the cranes, but most of them had never made the origami cranes before, so we prepared the manuals to see how to make it and people who knows did explain it.

By the time went on, we all got used to make it and it reached about 300 cranes in total in 3hours session!!

We will make the Turkish national flag with these cranes and will be presented at the event which will be held in coming Wednesday (7th of Dec) @Tower Building in London Met.

It is admission free event, so ALL the London Met students are more than welcome to come, so come and join us!!




11月2日の金曜日にトルコ大震災に対しての'Making origami cranes for the Turkey Earthquake Appeal'を開催しました。

これはJapan Societyが中心となりLondon Metropolitan University内で日本の伝統文化である折り紙を使って鶴を折り、その折り鶴でトルコ国旗を作ろうということになりました。







この折り鶴トルコ国旗は来る12月7日にLondon MetのNorth CampusのTower Building内で行われる'Make the Difference this Christmas - Fundraiser 2011'に飾られるので是非来てください!!





'Welcome to Japan Society' Meeting Report {Eng ver.}

Hello, this is Hiroshi.

I finally can post the blog about 'Welcome to Japan Society' Meeting Report in English as I have been busy with my coursework after I posted Japanese version.

On 4th of November, we held 1st Japanese Society Meeting called 'Welcome to Japan Society' Meeting which 34 students were coming in total.

Starting from the greeting from the president of Japan Society, Tomo and vice president, Kiyo, presented about what we did in the last academic year.

The highlight of last year was charity activities for the earthquake in East Japan.
We did not only have fund-raising, but also collecting messages from the students which reached 500 at last.

Also, we had charity event at the Rocket. We supplied free Japanese foods and had some stalls for introducing Japanese culture. (Origami, Calligraphy etc.)

After that we had some team games and everyone was very serious because the winner got Japanese sweets!!

At the end of the meeting, we took mini-questionnaire to see what everyone expects from Japan Society.

Then we moved on to the dinner session and went to kebab restaurant near North campus.
It seemed everyone was having fun in both meeting and dinner, so it was not bad start for the 1st meeting I guess.

We will have next meeting soon, so we will keep you updated!



'Welcome to Japan Society' Meeting Report



11月4日の金曜日にLondon MetのNorth Campusにて第1回ミーティング'Welcome to Japan Society'が行われました。



まずはパワーポイントでの前年度のJapan Societyの活動内容の報告がありました





ゲームのあと簡単なアンケートに答えてもらい参加者がJapan Societyへどういう活動が期待されているのか明確にしてもらいました。




以上第1回Japan Societyミーティングレポートでした!!



Japan Society

こんにちは、London Metropolitan UniversityのJapan Societyに所属しているHiroshiです。
このブログではJapan Societyにおける活動報告やイベントの告知などをブログにアップしていきたいと思います。
このソサイエティの基本的なコンセプトとしては日本を通じて他国の生徒との交流となっています。そしてJapan Societyは日本人だけでなく日本人以外の学生も多数所属してますのでブログをアップするときは日本語と英語で更新していきたいと思います。

Hello, my name is Hiroshi, who is in Japan Society at London Metropolitan University.
In this blog, we are going to write about activity report or to advertise the events.

The basic concept of this society is to have cultural exchange amongst the members through Japan.
In our society, there has Japanese students as well as non-Japanese student, so we are going to write in both Japanese and English

Please feel free to ask us about society and will respond you as soon as possible!